Thursday, 24 July 2014

Big data's hot topic

Engineers are working hard in the large datacentres that run the internet to balance energy efficiency and cooling demands.

Professional Engineering, By Ben Sampson, 3rd June 2014

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Climate change agreement only the start, say industry experts

A week after the Data Centre climate change agreement (CCA) came into force industry experts have given DatacenterDynamics FOCUS their verdict: It’s a good start, but not enough.

Data CenterDynamics, Nick Booth, 9th July

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Creative Award at the City Region Business Awards

Iceotope’s patented liquid cooling system can halve datacentre energy usage and allow datacentre facilities to run as efficiently as those in the Arctic Circle.

The Star, 9th July

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Iceotope: Dunking server blades in liquid to keep them cool

Liquids and electronics don't seem to mix - ask all those who have spilt coffee on their keyboards. But that's because coffee isn't a liquid with the right properties. Iceotope, a UK-based company, has created a system that immerses server blades - literally dunks them - in a special fluid.

Business Today, Virat Markandeya, 6th of July     

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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Iceotope at Datacentre Transformation Conference 2014

Iceotope will be exhibiting at Datacentre Transformation Conference in Manchester on the 8th of July.

Find out more information about the event here.

Or even better visit us at the stand.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Iceotope among state-of-the-art innovations

JUNE 16, 2014 - Today, Scandinavian think tank SUSTAINIA, releases a study on 100 leading sustainability innovations deployed on global markets. And Iceotope is selected for its state-of-the-art innovation.

More than 900 technologies and projects on nearly all continents have been researched to identify the 100 outstanding cases, and to document where and how innovations are being developed and deployed. The study, SUSTAINIA100, is showing a growing diversity in sustainability innovations globally, which is providing businesses with new market opportunities.

“The selected Sustainia100 solutions are an inspiration to companies, cities and consumers worldwide. Sustainable innovation is truly transforming markets and industries these years – things are happening at an incredible pace. You will lack behind if you as a business does not gear your company towards a changed landscape, where an efficient and sustainable operation is key to long-term survival,” says Laura Storm, Director of Sustainia.   

The released study, SUSTAINIA100, covers new efforts to turn the fashion and food industries, homes, offices and transportation systems more efficient, sustainable and enjoyable. All identified innovations are readily available with demonstrated sustainability environmental, social and economic effects. The 100 selections are currently deployed in 142 countries.

“While we don't have the luxury of time to fix the problems, we do have the luxury of readily available solutions. And with Sustainia100, we now know where to find the most inspiring of them,” says Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chair of the UN panel for climate Change, IPCC.

Circular economy, big data and improved supply chains.

The published SUSTAINIA100 cases presents’ trailblazing innovation across 10 industries. Among the cases, three drivers are shaping market-ready innovation: circular economy products, data analytics and sustainability practices throughout the supply chain.

“We are seeing how especially circular economy is a growing focus area. This is especially due to the resource and fashion industry rethinking methods and calling for sustainable alternatives in production and services. This is a huge incentive for sustainable innovators,” says Laura Storm, director of SUSTAINIA. 

The study of 100 leading sustainability innovations are released today in Oslo, Norway, and available online. Behind the work is an alliance of private companies and international organizations including: UN Global Compact, WWF, Regions20, Monday Morning Global Institute, IFHP, Novo Nordisk, Storebrand, DNV GL, Realdania and Brunata.
Marie Louise Gorvild, Communications Manager, Sustainia: / +45 61709104

Friday, 13 June 2014

Evening at AQL Data Centre in Leeds

DCSG, Leeds University & BCS West Yorkshire Branch are holding a joint evening, hosted by AQL.
Iceotope's CEO Peter Hopton, will be speaking about 'Thought leadership in liquid cooling'.
Professor Jon Summers will discuss ' An insight into the university projects in the data centre field.'

To book your place at the event click here.